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There is no shortage as to what the Department of Labour (DoL) Inspectors would be looking at for compliance. It is often unknown that there are at least two separate inspectorate divisions at the DoL. The one most people see would be the normal Labour Inspector. But then, there is also the Health & Safety Specialists, who do an inspection on their own.

As far as the Health & Safety Specialist Inspector is concerned, he or she has a number of checklists of priorities which they would be looking for, these are publicly available from their website, here are a few examples: Safety Representatives, Noise Levels, Induction Training + Safety System Administration.

| department of labour | 

Laws to comply to - 

Occupational Health & Safety Act

Rental Housing Act

Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Sectional Titles Act

Employment Equity Act


Asbestos Regulations

Building Regulations

Certificate of Competency Regulations
Construction Regulations
Diving Regulations
Driven Machinery Regulations

Electrical Instalation Regulations

Electrical Machinery Regulations
Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
Explosives Regulations
Facilities Regulations
General Administrative Regulations

General Machinery Regulations
General Safety Regulations
Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations

Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations
Lead Regulations
Lift, Escalator & Passenger Conveyor Regulations

Major Hazard Instalation Regulations

Noise-induced Hearing Loss Regulations

Pressure Equipment Regulations
Regulations of Hazardous Work by Children in SA

Unfair Practices Regulations (Western Cape)

Unfair Practices Regulations (National)

| and everyone else | 

Ofcourse, as was mentioned earlier, it is important not to be confused in thinking all compliance checks are done by the DoL. Where there are employees, the DoL will be the primary inspectorate, but compliance consists of a long list of Laws, Regulations, and then even more Ordinances and By-Laws, as well as hundreds and hundreds of SANS-Standards.

In addition to the above you also have to comply to Ordinances, By-Laws, which may vary from one Local Government to another,  and SANS Standards, of which a few hundred may apply.
The pit-falls to compliance are plenty, and since everything has to be specific to your site, or your premises, there are no two identical solutions for compliance. While nothing prohibits the individual from putting together his or her own Health & Safety Management System, we would strongly advise against such endeavour. The Health + Safety Environment has become extremely specialised.