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We balance the need of the business with the safety of the worker, the visitor and the public.
We protect lives, but we also protect the economic future of the business. Safety needs to add to the bottom-line, and not be a cost center.
We have all the systems and processes required to strike the perfect balance. To ensure all reasonable steps and more are taken to ensure safety, but at the same time to ensure enough responsibility and awareness are established with employees and the public to ensure that the employer, or CEO can focus on building a business on sound financial principles while retaining compliance with all relevant legislation and standards.
We value the practicality of building long term, sustainable relationships with our clients, and their staff.
We understand the needs of the property owners, the body corporates, and the shop-owners. We do not leave anything to chance, we realise that safety is possible only through careful planning and functional implementation, but we also realise the only way to do is, is to implement responsible behaviour, and then establish a culture of awareness and improvement.
| safety unrivalled| 
We incorporate financial risk in all of our risk assessments. We focus on keeping the employee employed, by keeping the employer in business.
H+S and prosperity need not be opposites of a coin. There is a lot of synergy between safety and financial prosperity.
With a R&D team who are constantly expanding on our vast library of documentation - all of which are aimed at the running business, we are able to stay in line with the growth needs of our clients.
We function exclusively in existing businesses, start-ups and established, large corporates and small family owned businesses. We provide a uniform standard across franchise outlets and branches alike. Our library of specialised documents and processes are unrivaled in South Africa. We are on par with international standards, and provide compliance against their standards daily for all our export driven-clients across many industries.
Vlame is all about making sense. For the employer and the employee. Perfect balance is achieved through exceptional attention to detail.
We do not outsource - we take pride and responsibility.