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The "Safety File" debate. This seems to be a very confusing concept in Health + Safety, and perhaps because it not mentioned anywhere in the OHS Act.
The above excerpt was taken from SANS 10366, 5.12 - and that probably sums up the need for and use of a Safety File best.
A Safety File is a term used for a collection of documents which are required by law. The Safety File is a mere convenient term, as opposed to listing all the hundreds of documents which are required by law.
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That said, the confusion also allow for unscrupulous operators to provide the client with a very limited version of the "Safety File" - for a comprehensive list of chapters which should be in the typical file, see our remarks here.
But a reputable company will not supply you with only a single file-set. You should at least also receive all legally required Statutory Posters to be displayed at your premises, a First-Aid file, containing a first-aid kit register, at least 10 first-aid treatment registers for minor incidents and also 10 Treatment Registers for major incidents,  and a set of First Aid Posters, covering at least First Aid Level 1. All of which should be included in the "Safety File" price, and not be charged extra for.
The Safety File should not be confused with the "Site Safety File" or  "Site Safety Plan". A Safety File is the core of the entire Health + Safety Management System, from this a Site Safety File / Plan is developed, while also adhering to the "Safety Spec" which will be provided for the site manager or contractor. The Safety File contains most of what is needed for a Site Safety Plan, but not everything, and cannot be used for the latter.
Health + Safety What Is A Safety File?
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