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Typically a Site Safety Plan is required by a contractor to operate on a site, where existing Health + Safety Management System is in place already.
This could be a Plumber working on a highrise building, or an electrician installing an airconditioner in an office. It could be a installer of surveillance equipment at a school.
In order to be able to start with a Site Safety Plan, 3 things are required.
1. Your Safety File
2. The Safety Specifications from the site on which you will be working
3. A properRisk Assessment on what you will be doing on the site, including what risks are already on site and may impact on your safety.
Like anything else in Health + Safety, no two Site Safety Plans are the same or alike. Not even two of yours for two different sites doing the exact same work on each.
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The typical Safety Specification can be quite involved in its requirement for adherence, the following is a link to Dept of Public Works Safety Scpecification.
The information therein contained has to be implemented in your Safety Plan, following your specific Safety Management System which can be found in your Safety File. But before the Site Safety Plan can be compiled for the specific site, a proper Baseline Risk Assessment has to be done first.
It is of critical importance that you can deliver a Safety Spec to any contractor who perform any service or installation on your premises, and the oppressiveness of the Safety Spec will determine your compliance to Section 9 and 37 of the OHS Act.
In the Construction Industry, the requirement of a site-specific, task-specific Site Safety Plan has been incorporated in the 2014 Construction Regulations, making it virtually impossible for any tradesmen to operate on a site without the required Site Plan, although this is equally applicable to non-construction sites.
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