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With the OHS Act and Regulations leaning very heavily on the "Competent Person" principle in all appointments and duties, it is clear that the employer has to appoint someone who is fully able and capable of performing the task at hand. It is a requirement to find the suitable candidate for each appointment as much as it is to find a competent bookkeeper.While the requirement for training is found throughout the regulations, it is clearly stated as a minimum requirement in Sec 8 (2) (e) of the OHS Act
We offer a wide variety of training courses across the OHS Spectrum, with a training unit based in Cape Town, one on the West Coast and one in KZN, we are well placed to assist in bringing all staff and management to levels of accepted competence, and a broader understanding of what they need to perform their duties effectively.
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| induction trumps| 
While there is no doubt that training in various fields are a requirement, and a necessity, no training in your entire Health + Safety Management System is as important as your Induction
Induction has to be very specific to your business, your premises, your site, your industry and the risks faced by your staff.
Once the risk pertaining to what transpires on your premises has been identified by means of the Risk Assessment process, the induction for your site has to be specially developed to include all the risks, the mitigation processes, the PPE (personal protective equipment) and the management of continued risks.
This has to be available to staff and visitors who enter the site, for whatever reason. It is important for everyone to understand what risks are involved on any specific premises, and how to avoid them or mitigate them.
Induction training is very often regarded as a rather unimportant part of the Health + Safety management system, while nothing could be further from the truth. It is one of the very first things checked for and evaluated by the Dept of Labour inspectors. It is one of the first criteria assessed in an incident or accident investigation. The need for proper Induction weighs almost as much as all other training combined.