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In 2005 an idea was born. To be like all the rest.
In 2008 an awakening took place. We realised while it was comfortable being part of the same thought process as everyone else, it makes very little business sense.
Having a critical re-look at who we were, where we were and where we were going, it became clear that there existed much greater opportunities, albeit they come with much greater effort and costs, for the short to medium term anyway.
So we opted to start the metamorphosis of changing our strategy and our business model completely. Venture into an area where most just tread blindly, with the view of becoming the ultimate torch-bearers in our choice of field.
And slowly over the next 8 years we chiseled away at the vast unknown, until we reached the point we are at now.
Operating in an sphere of Health & Safety which has the lowest income per client ratio of all options available.
| the evolution of a mindset| 
But it was also the segment with the lowest marketpenetration in the industry. For two very simple reasons, (a) - Very few of the clients in our market segmentation are aware of the extend of compliance required from them, and (b) as a result of (a), market penetration require very solid and sound strategies in sales and service.
But, in the 8 years, we have consistently grown, and outgrown. We have shed team members who opted to remain in their comfort zones, but we have gained new members to our team, who wanted to participate in the new direction. We expected the loss, but was surprised by the quality of our gains.
The nett result of the 8 year re-invention is clear to see and enjoy today. We are by far the leaders in what we do, what we offer, what we deliver, and yet we are consistently cheaper than any of our opponents. Thanks to the economy of scale principle. Allowing us to penetrate the market easier, and quicker, simply because nobody else can offer more for less. Not by a long shot.
Our vision for the next 11 years is to increase our footprint even further. And everyday, this becomes easier and easier.
Welcome to our website.
Eventhough this is a business owned by one man, this is the result of a team of people.
People who have a passion both for safety and sound business principles.
You will find here solutions for both. We have worked hard and long at developing a system which would not only ensure safety, but also economical sustainability, all developed on sound business practices.
Neither you, your business or your staff could be in better hands.
Jaco Wessels