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If you are interested in joining our business as an agency for own account, or a possible partnership with our head-office in a region we are not yet represented, or have room for expansion, (currently opportunities are limited to areas of KZN and Gauteng) we would love to hear from you.
Our ideal candidate would have a very sound background in service oriented business, spanning at least 5 years prior to joining us. Further would need to have unencumbered cash of ranging form R 200 000 to R 550 000 available as investment, while still having sufficient reserves to self-sustain for at least 6 month period.
You will need to be meticulous to detail, and have exceptionally high business ethics, be interested in the Health & Safety industry, with a good understanding of law.
If you feel this opportunity would fit you like a glove, and have a long-term vision of your involvement, is comfortable following and implementing proven systems and processes, then you are welcome to contact us off our contacts page. We would love to hear from you.
To a limited degree we would also consider JV's and Associations with existing Health & Safety Consultants, who would want to expand on their capability and be able to approach clients under a strong brand. So should you wish to become part of a group who place exceptionally high value of quality and ethics, this might be an option to consider. But it would be imperative for synergy to exist between both businesses, with a clear and well defined framework for co-operation. We would require you to have at least 7 years of practicing Health & Safety for own account, to ensure sustainability in every JV or Association.
Having regard for our unique approach to your health & safety, coupled with our unrivaled ability to fully address the needs of a business, and our vast array of industry and business specific documentation, Vlame is always on the look-out for new growth opportunities.
While we initially expanded our network via franchising, we have since started focusing more and more on own growth, by means of partnerships and own staff appointments, corporate owned branch expansion and appointing dynamic and experienced safety officers with a background in industries we are active in. Our focus for expansion is therefore divided into 3 segments, new clients, new staff and possible partnerships with individuals who can add real value to the company.
| careers + jobs | 
Primary focus right now is to find and appoint individuals who will fit well in our high work ethic environment, but also who have an exceptional background in non-construction health + safety.
We have a dynamic development plan, for expansion of head-office owned branches - and these positions would need to be filled in these areas. We are however not obliged by any deadline, and we would rather expand at a slower pace than employ someone we are not 100% convinced of their dedication and work ethics. If you reckon you may fit the bill, please send us an email with a detailed CV and contactable references, we would love to hear from you.
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