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The aim of our website is to serve both as a platform where our prospective clients can review our services, as well as a hub of information for our existing clients.
We offer newsletters, with new issues being published monthly. Our newsletters are practical, and to the point. We try and remove the lingo and jargon used in the industry. We try and explain the topic as simplistic as possible.
You will find our news letters forming part of a series, cross referencing to each other, but also written in such  a manner to be a publication in its own right each time.
The reason for this is we want to try and keep the information aimed at resolving a specific question, should you wish to expand on it, the other issues may be referred to, but we do not want our clients to have to try and extract relevant pieces of information from a extensive document each time.
You will also not we offer a selection of important case-law as reference on our page. Fact is, we have provided you with substantiating information from 3rd parties throughout our website. It is important to us to have an ethical business
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model. For this reason you will find we lean heavily on substantiated facts and points of reference. Be that from past court cases where precedents had been established, or from documentation made available by the Dept of Labour, other government departments, of various specialists in their respective industries, as there remarks relate to Health & Safety. This should allow our existing clients and prospective clients alike, to get accurate and detailed information at the click of a mouse, whenever they need it.
You will also find links to the various Acts and Regulations which may have an impact on your business. These are updated as new or amended versions are enacted.
This is by no way an exhaustive set of documents, as you may also need to give attention to SANS documents, as well as ordinances and by-laws.
It is largely impossible to provide all of this on our website, and we have therefore opted to limit the links to the Acts & Regulations only. Where SANS or By-Laws may be important, our specialist advisors will be able to provide to with accurate information specifically relevant to your business.